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Mar 25, 2015

Five-time CISO Jeff Klaben, who is currently at a Silicon Valley think tank and also is an adjunct professor, says there is a shortage of skilled security professionals, especially at the management level, to combat an increasingly complex enterprise attack surface.

Klaben was exploring the connection between cyber security education, threat intelligence and incident response. He told Security Current's Vic Wheatman that the aim was to create actionable intelligence but the question remained, "how do we prepare folks to leverage these tools and capabilities?"

He said education and particularly mentoring within an organization would be integral to a successful security program and encouraged CISOs to mentor up and coming security professionals within. Klaben also called on CISOs to work with security start-up vendors to, at the very minimum, provide them feedback so as to ensure they are developing cutting edge technologies. 

He was speaking at the Security Innovation Network's (SINET) Conference at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View California.